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Tim Miller
Writer - Designer - Artist

Experience in the Game Industry

Excell Data @ Microsoft
QA Game Tester - 2007

Titles: Too Human (2008), Viva Piñata Party Animals (2007)

  • Play-tested video game software
  • Performed directed examinations on specific areas, items, characters, modes and cinematics
  • Performed undirected examinations from a player exploration perspective
  • Recreated bug situations to isolate software problems
  • Thoroughly documented and reported bugs to programming team, with fix suggestions where applicable
  • Followed up on implementation and effectiveness of programming solutions

Loose Cannon Studios

Writer / Junior Designer - 2005-2008

Titles: (what would later be published as) Tornado Outbreak (2009), Sly Cooper: The Early Years and other development titles (unpublished)

  • Key participant in process of creating and detailing new IPs for studio start-up
  • Developed and outlined proposals for both original and licensed IPs
  • Created story content that would motivate engaging gameplay
  • Crafted shooting scripts for in-game cinematics

Vision Games

Writer / Art Director / Design Associate - 2003-2005

Titles: Xavier Fox: The Lost City (unpublished)

  • Assisted in the production and refinement of design documentation
  • Took leadership role in the visual creation of revamped and refined character and environment elements
  • Supervised 3D modellers in the development of in-game assets
  • Collaborated with design team to create integrated story, gameplay, character and environmental design
  • Created multi-path dialogue options for a dynamic interactive story experience

Suckerpunch Productions

Writer - 2001

Titles: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (2002), Sly 2: Band of Thieves (2004), Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (2005)

  • Created original story and character progression for characters that would become the basis for Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (Sony/SPP) and subsequent sequels
  • Wrote shooting scripts for early version in-game cinematics

Azeroth Inc.

Game Designer / Writer - 1992

Titles: Inspector Gadget: Mission 1 - Global Terror! (1992), Hero by Night (unpublished), Dr. Jam (1993), The Interactive Old Testament: A Family Multimedia Adventure (1992)

  • Originated story and gameplay design for licensed and original IPs
  • Created in-game puzzles and challenges
  • Produced design documentation for art and programming teams
  • Wrote multi-path dialogue trees for adventure games and plugged in to engine code
  • Contributed to 2D art and animation

Experience Outside of the Game Industry

Pacific Northwest College of Art

Instructor - 1999-2001

  • Designed and taught my own curriculum of 3 classes in the art & story of comic book creation (for ages 14 and up)
  • The Art of Comic Book Storytelling (how to express one's personal vision in the comic book medium)
  • Drawing for Comics (creating strong imagery for publication)
  • Cartoon Illustration (exploring style, abstraction, and why less is often more)

Oregon Marketplace Magazine

Assistant Editor / Writer / Graphic Designer - 1993-1994

  • Conducted interviews and wrote articles about featured area businesses
  • Designed advertising for sponsors
  • Created camera-ready page layouts
  • Managed office operations

Other Creative Clients

  • Myself - I continue to develop my own ideas for Children's Books, Comic Books and Video Games
  • Mongadillo Animation - Character Design & Flash Animation
  • The Comics Journal - Writer/Interviewer
  • Swell Comics - Contributing Writer/Artist
  • Marmalady's - Brand Name, Logo & Graphic Design, Product Concept
  • The Watertower at John's Landing - Graphic Design/Illustration
  • Harborview Hospital - Illustrated/Co-wrote "Headtrauma Man" comic book
  • Fleetfoot Messenger Service - Illustrated promotional coloring book
  • Jet City Delivery - Illustrator/Designer for brochure art
  • PSU Vanguard - Writer/Artist of political cartoons, comic strips and feature illustrations
  • Mount Panic Press - I have created and self-published 3 comic books to date.


Grant High School

Portland, OR - graduated 1987
Emphasis on Theatre and Journalism

Portland State University

Portland, OR - 1987-1989 / 1993-1995
Majors: English & Art

Art Institute of Seattle

Seattle, WA - 1990-1992
Program: Visual Communication

Mount Panic College

As a motivated self-learner who believes in education as a lifelong process, I have granted myself an Honorary Master's Degree for my work and study in the area of visual narrative


Available on request

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Play Me A Story - Overview

Play Me A Story

Video Game Story Consulting Service

Tim Miller

Writer, Designer, Illustrator and All-Around Creative Powerhouse


As a writer, my background is greatly varied. I’ve had experience with comic books, children’s books, journalism, advertising, short fiction and video games. When I first started as a designer in the game industry back in 1992, story and design were the same, at least the way we were doing it. The industry has become more specialized since then, but the games that really push the medium are the still the ones that make story a fundamental part of design.


Story can’t make a bad game good, but it’s one of the main things that can make a good game great. Games are not movies. Games are something you experience for yourself, and they require a unique attention – a merging of story with an understanding of design - to make your world the player’s world for the next few hours.


In General

Serving all story/writing/narrative design needs from start to finish to give your players a better gaming experience.

Areas of Application (Including, but not limited to)


  • Concept Origination
    • Initial conceptualization
    • New worlds
    • New characters
    • New experiences
  • Character Creation & Development
  • Narrative Design
    • Creating story that drives action
    • Creating action that reflects story


  • Scripting entertaining and engaging Cinematics
  • Creating moments that reveal character during gameplay
  • Engaging the player with unique set-pieces
  • Developing character through interactive dialogue options

Post or Late Stage

  • Adding cinematics to flesh out underdeveloped narrative
  • Creating engaging game manuals
  • Marketing materials

My particular strengths (Again, including, but most certainly not limited to)

  • Comedy/Humor
  • Interactive dialogue
  • Writing for Children
  • Gameplay concepts that convey narrative (non-cinematic story development)
  • Developing narrative suited to the strengths of the given project
  • Bringing new ideas and variety to the often staid and stale field of game stories


  • Available on a contract or full-hire basis
  • Will relocate or telecommute depending on terms of employment.
  • Wage negotiable depending on terms.