Thursday, November 12, 2009

Play Me A Story - Overview

Play Me A Story

Video Game Story Consulting Service

Tim Miller

Writer, Designer, Illustrator and All-Around Creative Powerhouse


As a writer, my background is greatly varied. I’ve had experience with comic books, children’s books, journalism, advertising, short fiction and video games. When I first started as a designer in the game industry back in 1992, story and design were the same, at least the way we were doing it. The industry has become more specialized since then, but the games that really push the medium are the still the ones that make story a fundamental part of design.


Story can’t make a bad game good, but it’s one of the main things that can make a good game great. Games are not movies. Games are something you experience for yourself, and they require a unique attention – a merging of story with an understanding of design - to make your world the player’s world for the next few hours.


In General

Serving all story/writing/narrative design needs from start to finish to give your players a better gaming experience.

Areas of Application (Including, but not limited to)


  • Concept Origination
    • Initial conceptualization
    • New worlds
    • New characters
    • New experiences
  • Character Creation & Development
  • Narrative Design
    • Creating story that drives action
    • Creating action that reflects story


  • Scripting entertaining and engaging Cinematics
  • Creating moments that reveal character during gameplay
  • Engaging the player with unique set-pieces
  • Developing character through interactive dialogue options

Post or Late Stage

  • Adding cinematics to flesh out underdeveloped narrative
  • Creating engaging game manuals
  • Marketing materials

My particular strengths (Again, including, but most certainly not limited to)

  • Comedy/Humor
  • Interactive dialogue
  • Writing for Children
  • Gameplay concepts that convey narrative (non-cinematic story development)
  • Developing narrative suited to the strengths of the given project
  • Bringing new ideas and variety to the often staid and stale field of game stories


  • Available on a contract or full-hire basis
  • Will relocate or telecommute depending on terms of employment.
  • Wage negotiable depending on terms.

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